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Immigrants attempt crossing from Mexico to US



Hundreds of migrants, mostly Venezuelans, rushed into U.S. territory this Sunday through one of the border bridges in Ciudad Juárez (north), Mexico, desperate to gain asylum in the country. rice field.

South Americans gathered at the Paso del Norte-Santa Fe International Bridge around noon (6 pm GMT). This bridge is he one of his five bridges connecting Juarez and the mainland United States. A supposed ‘Immigration Day’, confirmed AFP.

“Hundreds of people forced their way into the middle of the closed bridge, following protocol by US authorities. [estadounidense]Enrique Valenzuela, coordinator of the Chihuahua State Population Council, who witnessed the incident, said it was the state in which Ciudad Juárez is located.

“They insisted on entering, and[…]American security officials defended that perimeter,” he said, taking care of the large immigrant population coming to the city next to the American cities of El Paso and Santa, Texas. added Valenzuela. Teresa, New Mexico.

Images broadcast on social networks show the moment a group of migrants, including mothers with children, cross a bridge yelling “To America!”

“We all fled. They put a wire barrier in there. They fired tear gas at us and everything. [del puente]Standing on the Mexican side of the bridge across the Rio Grande, 23-year-old Venezuelan Jackson Solis said.

This young man has been in the city for six months on a manufacturing job and wants to make an appointment to apply for asylum in the United States. He wants to work there and can only do so through his mobile application called CBP. one.

Solis told AFP that he sleeps on the streets because he doesn’t have the money to pay for lodging and relies on people’s charities for food.

Some mothers with children have managed to cross, but most have expressed their despair, asserting that they are men traveling alone.

The Joe Biden administration proposed new asylum restrictions for migrants arriving across the border with Mexico last February. This will force you to apply in the country of transit or through online booking.

The measures come at a time when more than 4.5 million immigrants have been blocked in the region since the Democratic president took office, accusing Republican opposition parties of losing control of the border.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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