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Borik admits that canceling CAE isn’t his top priority. We need resources to achieve that.



Last year, the head of state acknowledged that the CAE debt relief was “tied with tax reform.” But enacting that reform into law was something the House of Representatives rejected last week.

president Gabriel Bolick I was consulted on one of his campaign promises this Monday: National Guaranteed Credit (CAE) .

In an interview with TVN’s morning show ‘Buenos Días a Todos’, he explained that he needs that credit forgiveness for now when it comes to education. It’s not a top priority and you need resources to get it done.

“It is impossible to give such a short answer. The first is the revitalization of education. , the return of all students who left school as a result of the pandemic. (…) This is very dramatic, he pointed out.

“There are cases of serious absenteeism and desertion,” he added.

“This is the Ministry of Education’s top priority,” he said.

President Boric then said on the matter: There are “two separate challenges that imply spending”. A teacher’s past debt and the process of canceling her CAE.

On the latter, he said there could be “various mechanisms” and the government would assess the best alternative.

“But for that, we need more resources.” he revealed.

“Together with tax reform”

Last May, the head of state said that applying to cancel CAE would mean considerable resources, but would aim to “move forward” anyway. But it “creates an incentive to keep paying.”

“Do the opposite and they will all stop paying. And here The person who is trying to get forgiveness is exactly the one who has the latest information. ” explained at the time.

Borik also said: This exemption was combined with tax reform. That is why tax reform is so important. ”

But last week’s House of Representatives Vote against the aforementioned reform legislation, Because it was one of the presidential administration’s iconic projects, the funding for the series of projects they were meant to bring must be reanalysed.

Source: Biobiochile

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