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‘The situation is difficult’: Ukraine and Wagner admit ‘bitter battle’ in Bahmut



The Ukrainian military claims it has inflicted “significant losses” on the Russian mercenary forces. Those responsible described the situation as “extremely difficult.”

Ukrainian military reported Monday they were fighting “Bitter battle” oppose a Russian invasion to gain control of the city center of bahmut confirmed by Russian mercenary Wagner’s paramilitary group, in eastern Ukraine, close to leader Vladimir Putin, has bore the brunt of the siege of this small city for months.

“Wagner’s assault forces will attack from different directions” and “advance towards the central district,” said the Ukrainian army commander. Oleksandr Shirsky “Our garrison is inflicting heavy losses on the enemy in heavy fighting,” he added, describing the situation around the city as “difficult”.

Shirsky emphasized that “the defenders have repulsed all Russian attempts to capture the city with artillery, tanks and other firearms, and this continues the defense of the fortress” (1 of the fortress’s name one) bahmut ), a town of limited military importance, but it was a symbol of the war, and the battle resulted in heavy losses on both sides.

Ammunition arrives at Wagner

He is the leader of the Wagner Mercenary Corps. Evgeny Prigogine admitted that his fighters were meeting resistance in the heart of the city. “Bahmut’s situation is difficult, extremely difficult. The enemy is fighting every meter, and the closer you get to the center of the city, the harder the fighting and the more artillery,” he said in a social media message.

According to a businessman close to Putin, “Ukrainians are throwing endless reserves[into the fight].” Prigozhin also said that his private army had finally received ammunition from the Russian Ministry of Defense. “The Defense Ministry guys are coming with ammunition from Zaporizhia, Donetsk and even Avdiuka, where heavy fighting is taking place,” he said.

This weekend, a group of mercenaries received 27 trucks full of ammunition. “I think we will continue to receive them.” he opined and denied there was any conflict between Wagner and the military, despite previous criticisms of Russian military leaders for the lack of assistance to paramilitary groups.

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