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‘Confused’: 7 words from Pope Francis’ first decade at the helm of the Catholic Church



This Monday, March 13, when Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected Pope, he leaned over the balcony of the facade of St. It’s been 10 years since we started. New vocabulary and next to most needed.

Francis today celebrates a mass attended by the cardinals at his residence, Casa Santa Marta. Rome , an intimate moment without any information or images, and as every year since his election, today is a Vatican holiday, usually followed by a day. in his usual style. He doesn’t usually celebrate his birthday or other anniversaries.

The first non-European and Latin American Pope they went looking for in the last decade “Until the end of the world” his colloquial phrases, improvisations, and like his lack of protocol do not surprise “Mercy Friday” he unexpectedly visited the homes of former prostitutes and Alzheimer’s patients, as well as the fact that he never went out to buy shoes, glasses or records, and never took a vacation.

His relationship with the public has also changed, as evidenced by his phone call. A young man whose wife died giving birth to twins, a mother who welcomed her two disabled children into her home, a Carmelite monastery in Spain, a sick man. priest…

The Holy See, the “reverse funnel”

The first action of the new church was not to live in the papal palace.

“It’s like a funnel, but it’s upside down. Only enter if you have permission.” said the pope in one of his first interviews, that he would stay in a mansion that houses prelates visiting the Vatican, lunch like the rest of the residents in the dining room, and not be too glamorous. receive.

In fact, Santa Marta has become a meeting place for friends, news-shuns, victims of abuse, homeless people sleeping in Plaza San Pedro, and those abandoned by the past. Churches such as Spain’s Diego Neria Rejaraga is a transgender who was greeted by Francisco one afternoon in 2015 with her partner Macarena.

“Mess up!”

In July 2013, Francisco attended World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, in front of hundreds of thousands of young people, “confuse”

The phrase “Don’t stay trapped in your community! The church must be out in the streets!” became one of the Pope’s slogans and conquered the youth.

“Anyone who thinks of building a wall instead of a bridge is not a Christian.”

Francisco has become a voice for immigrants around the world. “Anyone who thinks of building a wall instead of a bridge is not a Christian.” About former President Donald Trump, or “the Mediterranean has become the world’s largest cemetery,” he wanted to draw attention to the acceptance of those fleeing war and poverty.

“Who am I judging if a person is gay?”

The Pope’s response to his return from a trip to Brazil shook the Catholic Church, which has denounced homosexuality for centuries.

After German bishops approved the blessing of same-sex couples, this is one of the issues that could complicate his Pope.

If they insult my mother, ‘they can expect a punch’

Bergoglio’s spontaneity tricked him on a plane to the Philippines in 2015. He said that freedom of expression is limited and cannot provoke or offend a religion, and he did not quote, but referred to an attack on the satirical weekly Charlie. Hebd of Paris: “You cannot provoke (…) If someone speaks ill of my mother, expect a punch. Of course! ”

On abortion: is it fair to hire a hitman to fix the problem?

Some of his most controversial and harsh words came to defend the church’s opposition to abortion. hitman to kill someone.

“You rule with your head, not your feet”

At 86, with knee problems that sometimes forced him to use a wheelchair, and especially after the death of Pope Benedict XVI, when all the rumors and theories about his resignation and ability to govern were unleashed, Francis was 1 Silenced them with just one sentence: “You rule with your head, not your feet.”

Source: Biobiochile

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