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3-year-old girl kills sister in US



Sheriff Harris Ed Gonzalez speaks to the press after the incident.  /twitter.

Sheriff Harris Ed Gonzalez speaks to the press after the incident. /twitter.

A 3-year-old girl in Texas accidentally killed her 1-year-old sister with a semi-automatic pistol, police said late Sunday.

During a family reunion, both girls were unsupervised by adults for some time in a room in an apartment in Harris County, where the city of Houston is located.

At that time, the 3-year-old “gained access to a loaded semi-automatic pistol. Gunshots were heard and family members ran into the room to find the 4-year-old unresponsive on the floor. I did,” he told Harris. Ed Gonzalez County Sheriff told media.

The girl died on the spot. “Apparently it was unintentional,” the officer added.

“This seems like a tragic new story of minors accessing weapons and hurting someone,” lamented the police chief.

The United States has about 400 million individual weapons, more than a population of 330 million. One in three of her adults owns at least one of her guns, and nearly one in two of her adults lives in a home with a gun.

According to the Gun Violence Archive website, the United States recorded more than 44,000 gun deaths last year, half of them by suicide and half by homicide, accident or self-defense.

Similarly, according to the same source, one of the leading causes of death for under-18s last year was shooting, with about 1,700 incidents involving 314 under-11s.

And in Texas, a huge Southern state of 30 million people, openly and openly carrying guns is allowed with few restrictions.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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