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40 hour week rule: Senate to vote next Tuesday on project to cut working hours



The Senate is scheduled to vote next Tuesday, March 21, on a bill to reduce the working day from 45 to 40 hours. It should be noted that this deadline has been put forward earlier than both the government and Congress expected.

within the framework of a week marked by the resignation of the board and the election of a new president Senatethe House of Councilors agreed to vote on the draft on March 21. 40 hour week rule .

Specifically, a vote on a bill to shorten the working day from 45 to 40 hours was set for next Tuesday.

Note that although the initiative has gained cross-sectional support in the Senate, the executive branch had to make various amendments that were not included in the original plan to achieve it.

What is the 40 hour bill?

Among the changes made to the proposed project is the incorporation of new flexibility measures. These establish the likelihood that his day of normal 40 hours will be fulfilled in an average of up to 4 weeks. Up to 45 hours per week .

If workers are members of a union, the company must obtain the consent of the union to implement this method.

In this way, collective bargaining between employers and employees is permitted.

Meanwhile, another sign the government agreed and demanded by the business community was the gradual application of the law.

For this reason, Five-year implementation mechanism Specifically, if the project is implemented this year, the reduction to 40 hours will be completed in 2028.

Thus, it will reach 44 hours in 2024. It will then decrease to 42 hours per week in 2026 and 40 hours per week in 2028.

The announcement comes just ahead of the Senate’s current board of directors’ resignation, which will be ratified tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14. Similarly, the Senate’s new presidential election will take place this Wednesday, March 15.

Initially, the project was expected to be voted on on the Senate floor at the end of March, with general and specific approval. So this new date is given sooner than expected.

The process then continues in the House of Commons. From the government they plan to enact a 40 hour week law on May 1st a day to commemorate Labor Day.

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