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Indap and UC Davis Chile help 400 Itata winegrowers affected by bushfires



In the commune of Chillan, Santa Cruz de Cuca, INDAP launched an initiative to help winegrowers in the Itata Valley, affected by the bushfires, resume productive activities. united states of america.

of Kuka’s Holy Cross ,commune Tiran he Institute for Agricultural Development (Indap) Launched support activities for the productive revitalization of small and small wine producers. Itada Valley affected by Forest fire February of last year.

Delivery started with special emergency support Expert advice for 400 winegrowers technical guidelines for mitigating post-fire damage and losses in the current season, and actions for recovery and sustainable reconstruction of affected production systems.

This support that Indap provides to affected wine producers is It will be run by UC Davis Chile specialists over eight months from March to October 2023. ,institution University of California, USA .

Wine sector experts accompanied by Indap experts, extension agents and small winegrowers to assess vineyard damage and production status and interventions to mitigate damage and increase vineyard productivity Develop a plan.

he Santiago Rojas, National Director of INDAP , he emphasized after meeting with some of the affected wineries. This first hands-on workshop is on how to reduce the effects of smoke on grapes in winemaking, low-cost hands-on steps to reduce these effects. In this way, the farmer economy dedicated to the wine industry is not affected too much.

Indap and UC Davis Chile help 400 Itata winegrowers affected by bushfires

After the initial diagnosis, technical advisory services and training will be conducted through field days, technical advisory sessions and group technical advisory services, with a total of 2,260 advisory services delivered.

This work will be complemented by extension materials, input and equipment purchase guidance, as well as engagement with public and private sector stakeholders in collaboration with INDAP to optimize intervention planning.

Edgardo Candia, Wine Advisor Growers participating in the program will learn mitigation strategies to reduce the negative effects of smoke from forest fires in their vineyards. When vineyards are affected by direct fire, assess the level of damage and technique to facilitate recovery.

Gloria Oyarzun He owns 5 hectares of land where he grows domestic grapes. In his opinion, holding a workshop was “very opportunistic and very necessary. How to deal with this situation, how to know if the grapes have been affected by the smoke?” We were very uncertain about. Now we have the tools to better assess it.”

The presentation of this special instrument was led by Indap’s National Director, Santiago Rojas, accompanied by managers and experts from Indap Ñuble and Bío Bío. On this occasion, 15 winegrowers participated in an inaugural group technical advisory addressing mitigation measures and their implementation in pre-harvest, harvest and production processes.

This program serves wine grape growers in the Itata Valley (Neuvre and Bio Bio regions) and implements the good practices of the UC Cooperative Extension Center. From Indap, they called on vintners in these regions to find out dates for their next workshop.

Source: Biobiochile

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