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Italy accuses Russia of ‘water war’ over rising illegal immigration in Mediterranean



At least 30 people are missing and 17 are missing after the boat they were on capsized during a rescue operation by a merchant vessel on Sunday, the Italian Coast Guard said on Sunday. He reported that he could be saved.

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosett said the increase in immigration on Europe’s “southern front” was “a clear mixed war strategy using Wagner Group mercenaries, paid for by Russia.”

An aide to far-right Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Crosette warned “the European Union, the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) and the West” of the dangers lurking in the south of Europe.

This comes at a time when the Italian government faces serious criticism over its control of immigration after two recent shipwrecks that left at least 79 people dead and dozens missing.

“Just as they realized that cyberattacks are part of the global conflict that the Ukraine conflict has sparked, they should realize that the Southern European front is becoming more dangerous by the day.” he said.

For this reason, “they also believe that, in addition to the economic and social crises, uncontrolled and continued immigration has left the country most at risk, Italy to begin with, and its clear and sharp geopolitical options.” We should be aware that it will be a way to attack,” he said.

Italy vs Russia

According to Crosetto, NATO “will consolidate issues deriving from collective options if they are shared, but risks cracking if the countries most exposed to various kinds of reprisals are left alone.” There is immigration by some countries.”

Nearly 700,000 migrants waiting in Libya to cross the sea into the EU

Italy currently has “a humanitarian and operational alert but no numerical alert for arrivals by sea”.

This is what Italy’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokesperson Flavio Di Giacomo told EFE, saying that in 2022 between 4 and 5 million people will arrive from Ukraine in three months. I remembered. Managed by the European Union.

The figure of 685,000 Libyan migrants hoping to cross the Mediterranean and land on the Italian coast is “misleading, unbelievable and the result of a misinterpretation,” the Italian newspaper said. Il Corriere della sera’ said of the information released this Sunday. “. .

“They are the same data on 680,000 to 700,000 migrants living in Libya, and it is not true that everyone there wants to go to Europe or is ready to leave.”

Source: Biobiochile

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