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They warn Fonasa failed to take charge of isapres’ 3 million members: ‘It has no structure’



Health inspector Victor Torres called on Isapres to resume dialogue with the government, affirming that “no one wants the system to collapse”. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health is working to strengthen his Fonasa, an expert said Public Health is prepared to take in 3 million merchants if private insurers are likely to go bankrupt. I’m claiming it’s not done.

In the middle isapres financial crisis caused by a series of court rulings against the unilateral increase in the plan, Victor Torres Health Superintendentpointed out in a conversation with TVN that insurers use arguments that undermine controversy, debate, and the search for ways out of problems.

again, Regulators urged isapres unions to resume dialogue with government repeats that “no one wants the system to fall”.

Juan Luis Castro, a socialist senator, member of the health committee and former president of the medical university, said at this stage, Isapres must show a willingness to work together in search of a solution. claimed.

“The Isapress Association declaration continues to be placed in the field of conflict rather than cooperation,” he began.

“Here it is already clear that the government wants to avoid the collapse of the system. We believe that users are entitled to compensation for excess charges. Here they are thinking about how to make the system viable, and for that they have to be honest with the numbers and the scenario we are in,” he added.

Strengthening Fonasa in the midst of the isapre crisis

Last week, the Ministry of Health presented the first guidelines for a bill aimed at addressing the financial crisis in isapres, including strengthening public health.

Fonasa is working on a new modality that seeks to keep affiliate coverage passed on from insurers to the public system, with a statutory health insurance premium of 7% plus a supplemental fixed premium per capita. reportedly raising funds for Beneficiary.

he Former Health Director Hector Sanchez confirmed that while the public system needs to be strengthened, this proposal will not prevent business from collapsing.

“The best way to prevent possible collapse of isapres is to avoid collapse,” he began.

“These patching measures, which ultimately mean creating one or more plans in Fonasa, do not solve the problem. Fonasa does not have the structure, organization or corporate governance that allows it to take care of these 3 million people. ” he added.

Guillermo Rebolledo, former manager of Bupa, a holding company made up of Isapre Cruz Blanca, Seguros Bupa and various clinics, said Fonasa’s proposal was viable but subject to certain conditions.

“Does it seem viable for Fonasa to serve isapres affiliates? Anything complicated is possible. What Fonasa can manage that money? Of course,” he said.

“Do you think it’s viable that this money is managed solely based on the affiliates that were on isapres? You have no way,” he assured.

Also, last week The Department of Health has released its 2022 health spending index and determined that isapres could increase plans by up to 2.6%. .

However, the Isapres Association refused to recalibrate, saying the indicators were lower than the actual increase shown by the use of the system and therefore evaluated the procedures to be followed.

Source: Biobiochile

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