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Moderate tremors in Peru observed in Arica and Tarapaca



At magnitude 5, movement occurred near Tacna but was detected as far as Iquique.

A moderate quake was felt in Peru in the far north of Chile this Monday afternoon.

according to seismologyThe migration occurred at 4:19 pm, 5 km and 39 km northwest of Tacna, at a depth of 94 km.

The Navy’s SHOA has already ruled out that this shake meets the conditions necessary to generate a tsunami off the coast of Chile.

At press time senapred Assess damage to people, infrastructure and basic services.

In any case, organisms shared the following intensities on the Mercalli scale:

Arica Region

Arika: V
Who: IV
San Miguel de Azapa: IV
Putre: IV

Tarapaka Region

High Hospice: Ⅲ
Iquique: III

Source: Biobiochile

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