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Zelensky: The future of Ukraine depends on the battles in the east of the country



Some Ukrainian military analysts question the rationale of persisting in Bahmut

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the future of Ukraine depends on the outcome of the battles raging around Bakhmut and other key cities in the east of the country, or on the destruction of Russian forces there.

“It is very difficult, very painful in the East. We must destroy the enemy’s military power and we will,” said Zelensky.

The president listed the names of the cities where the key battles are taking place, Bilogorivka and Marinka, Avdivka and Bahmut, Vugledar and Kamjanka. In these and other places, they are fighting for the future of all Ukrainians, he said.

“I am grateful to everyone who is now in conflict, to everyone who never lets down those who are next to them on the front line,” Zelenski added, according to Al Jazeera.

Russia says the occupation of Bahmut will pave the way for taking control of the entire Donetsk region, one of Moscow’s central goals in Ukraine.

After several weeks of fierce fighting, the Ukrainian army announces that it has not withdrawn from Bakhmut and that it intends to continue fighting there with the aim of inflicting as many losses as possible on Russian forces. Ukrainian forces are also suffering heavy losses.

Russian forces, led by mercenaries of the Wagner group, have occupied the eastern part of Bahmut, but have not yet completely surrounded the city. Then last week he warned that Bahmut could fall into Russian hands within days.

At the same time, a Ukrainian counter-offensive is increasingly expected. According to Russian reports, several Ukrainian brigades have gathered for this purpose between the cities of Slovyansk and Kostyantinivka. Until now, the mud, which is common at this time due to melting snow, did not allow fast progress outside of paved roads.

35-year-old Ukrainian paramedic Mihajlo Anest told Reuters that there was still a lot of shelling in the area, but that the fighting was less extensive than last month. The height of the fighting was two or three weeks ago, he said.

A little more than 4,000 people, including 33 children, are said to be living in Bahmut.

He doubts Zelensky’s decision

Meanwhile, some Ukrainian military analysts question Zelensky’s decision to continue defending Bakhmut instead of withdrawing from the city.

Oleg Zhdanov he said that Ukraine is sending reserve units trained in Western countries to Bahmut. The country thus loses the forces it is supposed to use in counter-offensives. “Everything we wanted to use in those counter-offensives could be lost here,” a military analyst said.

Also a Ukrainian military historian Roman Ponomarenko is concerned about the potential losses if Russia succeeds in encircling the city. “If we simply give up Bahmut and withdraw our troops, nothing terrible can happen. But if they close the circuit, we will lose both men and equipment,” he said to Ukrainian radio NV, according to the German portal Deutsche Welle.

Automatic extension of grain export agreement

Russia’s TASS news agency reported that the agreement on the safe export of grain from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports will be automatically extended after it expires on March 18 if there is no objection from the parties involved.

TASS, citing an unnamed source familiar with the negotiations, reports that so far none of the parties involved has indicated a withdrawal.

Russia indicated on Monday that the validity of the agreement after March 18 could be extended for only 60 days, rather than the 120 that lasted for the last renewal. Meanwhile, the United Nations says it will do everything it can to keep the validity of the agreement unchanged.

Source: Rtvslo

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