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Thailand acknowledges loss of radioactive cylinders from power plant



Thai authorities on Tuesday acknowledged the loss of a cylinder containing radioactive material used at a power plant in Prachinburi province, about 150 kilometers northeast of Bangkok.

Cylinders about 15 meters above the ground used to measure ash levels in the plant’s silos contain radioactive material inside. Cesium 137 State officials said in a statement that it may have been lost when workers heard a metallic sound on February 23.

12 cm in diameter, 20 cm in length and 25 kg in weight, lead covered with steel prevent radioactive material from leaking.

Officials say there is no risk to public health if it is “remaining intact” and that if it is “disarmed” it means a radiation radius of one to two meters, causing burns to those exposed. It may cause

intense search

A team was mobilized in the first search conducted on Monday. atomic office for peace (Thailand’s leading agency for nuclear research) was unable to locate the piece, which was reported missing Saturday night.

This Tuesday, operations focused primarily on antique stores and junk dealers in neighborhoods near factories, with equally unsatisfactory results.

A similar incident in 2000

Similar incidents were already reported in Thailand in early 2000. That’s when scrap collectors discover an abandoned container containing radioactive material. Cobalt-60 Disarmed without knowing the dangerous content stored.

Authorities learned of the contamination when doctors reported possible radiation damage to individuals about three weeks after the initial exposure.

A search team was finally able to locate a radioactive source in the state samutprakarn adjacent to Bangkok, where 10 people were hospitalized and an estimated 1,872 people may have been significantly exposed to radiation.

Source: Biobiochile

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