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Borich says ‘they won’t give up’ after rejecting tax reform: he said wealth distribution



“Chile is a middle-income country at the international level, but it nevertheless has tremendous potential (…). We must,” the head of state repeated.

president Gabriel Bolick A meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday with the unions of large companies belonging to the Coalition of Production and Commerce (CPC).

The purpose of the meeting is to analyze the landscape after Congress ruled out legislation last week. tax reform .

“I was refused, but (but) I’m a person who doesn’t give up and doesn’t get tired of it.” confirmed the president in a dialogue with TVN’s “Buenos Días a Todos” morning programme, and also emphasized that government programs are “not written in stone”.

The latter alludes to the fact that tax reform was tied up with a series of other projects that the government intended to carry out.

In the same interview with TVN, Bolick admitted that discontinuing CAE, for example, is not a top priority and that resources are needed to achieve it.

“Internationally, Chile is a middle-income country, but it still has great potential and I am optimistic about the future. I need it,” he said.

Finally, in a morning dialogue with the State Channel, he noted that tax reform points the way. in public health.”

“It was dismissed, but we cannot give up easily,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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