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Marcel after engagement with businessman: ‘Country needs more resources to implement important reforms’



“The space is open for them (businessmen) to make suggestions as they see fit. We will have a technical point of contact, but we are not here to impose anything on our counterparts,” he said. the finance minister said on Tuesday. Mario Marcel after meeting with a Chinese Communist Party businessman.

During the day on Tuesday this week, the Finance Minister said: Mario Marcel held a meeting with a committee of businessmen on behalf of the government production trade federation (cost per click), after the rejection of tax reform.

Issues such as denial of tax reform, pension reform projects, public safety, and the development of the lithium industry were discussed.

“Overall, it was a very constructive conversation, summed up in a spirit of cooperation between businessmen, governments and workers, factors that contribute to social cohesion,” added Marcel.

“We all have an obligation to work with them, and over the course of this meeting, we have identified some areas where that is possible,” he said.

Rejection of tax reform

“Of course, the issue of tax reform was significant given the rejection of the idea of ​​enforcing the income tax reform project into law,” the minister said.

“We have explained to the Commonwealth how this cycle of consultation will work with a variety of stakeholders, including everything from small businesses to members of civil society. This is a process that will begin next week,” he said. added.

“They have demonstrated a complete willingness to work together and understand that the state needs more resources and time to present such an important project.” he pointed out.

Marcel meets a businessman

“We do not expect a vision and what all sectors need to be represented,” the minister said.

“The rent project is part of tax reform. After signs introduced by executives Contains a collection of 2.7 points of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”, Said.

Source: Biobiochile

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