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The isapres crisis: Clinic appreciates government proposal but assures it is far from resolved



From Clínicas de Chile AG, they applauded the executive branch’s efforts in proposing to face the crisis of isapres after the Supreme Court decision, but cautioned many of their organizations that . mean bankruptcy or bankruptcy Because they don’t have the financial resources to operate.

This Tuesday, Chilean Clinic Associationappreciated the government’s proposal to work on a “short law” to face the crisis affecting isapres. ‘Far from solving the problem’ .

This was reported in a statement, noting that it was “extremely concerned” with the scenario of estimating the amount that the private insurance system would have to return to its affiliates.

Recall that isapres must comply with Supreme Court rulings regarding the application of factor tables.

It should be noted that the Isapres Association previously guaranteed that this would cost the industry up to $40 billion annually.

The isapres crisis: “Proposals are far from solving the problem”

From Chile AG’s clinic, they keep it Government efforts alone are not enough to solve the isapres crisis They even show that This “warns of an increasingly imminent possible collapse of the healthcare system.” .

“Regarding the Isapres situation, we appreciate the proposal, but we believe it far from solving the problem ‘ they point out.

Javier Fuenzalida, executive vice president of Clínicas de Chile, said, “It clearly and clearly points out that the scale of the problem will jeopardize the viability of private providers in the short term.

“The collapse of the ISAPRE system, whether partial or total, would create a liquidity crisis and, for many of our facilities, mean bankruptcy or bankruptcy Because we don’t have the necessary resources to fund our operations,” they said in a trade association statement.

They therefore warn that ‘the above has a very serious and direct impact on the care of all patients’.
who access and find health solutions in our clinics”.

Recharging with an ‘already collapsed public health system’

In this context, they also highlight the overloading of an “already collapsed public health system”. It’s for

For this reason, “the proposed solution requires clear and solid technical support to enable its viability and feasibility. Certainty in the private provider sector is urgent and imminent,” they said. Repeat from association.

On the other hand, they make it clear that any proposal to be discussed must have “continuity of operation of all clinics” as a priority. As such, it is “essential that guarantees against debts with lenders are adequately protected”.

above, its details “serving more than 10 million people a year and providing more than 200,000 jobs” .

therefore, “I need to join the proposed solution urgently And we demand all technical rigor in our approach and implementation,” they emphasize.

Finally, they appreciate the proposal to strengthen Fonasa, arguing that it is available as a private sector and can accept changes for the benefit of patients.

Source: Biobiochile

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