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40 hours before the Senate, the government is already thinking of securing votes from lawmakers before the final proceedings



This week, the Finance Committee will review the bill, which is expected to be voted on by the Senate next week. The 40-hour project will then return to the Chamber of Commerce, where the government will begin work tomorrow to ensure the vote is unimpeded.

A bill to shorten the working day to 40 hours reached the Senate Finance Committee after the same House Labor Committee unanimously passed the bill this week.

In this example, today the project content, employment and economic impact studies are presented, and tomorrow’s session presents the financial reports.

All of this comes ahead of his vote in the House of Representatives, scheduled for Tuesday, March 21.

“We are making significant progress and steps so that the project can return to the chamber and become law,” Congress said. Labor Minister Janet Jara.

In addition to this, he emphasized that the initiative has made rapid progress for the first time in five years, in line with agreements with stakeholders in the sector such as CUT, CPC. And a gradually introduced component that seeks to take care of wages and employment.

The minister admitted he was focused on this part of the process, but confirmed that tomorrow the government will begin new pre-legislative work in the House of Commons and that the project will return if senators approve it.

Jarra, who was consulted by Radio Bio Bio about actions to avoid obstacles, said this round of dialogue with lawmakers was aimed at “expediting” the process.

“We intend to discuss this issue with both the ruling and opposition parties within the framework of the agreement we reached,” he said.

So tomorrow we already have 40 hours of meetings scheduled with alternate members of the coordinator.

“We are interested in keeping up with this project, which is an important public wish,” the minister said.

Aside from emphasizing graduality, Jara recalled that the idea allowed for adaptive rules such as working four days, resting three days, and adding hours to it.

These allow the choice of differentiated entry or exit times, especially for parents.

Source: Biobiochile

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