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Retirement age delayed in France: Protests continue, government now faces two motions of no confidence



The reform, which raises the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, will keep trade unions on a path of struggle, leading to a rubbish strike in central Paris where thousands of tons of waste are still littering the streets. As in, some persistent strikes are taking place. sidewalk. Expect disruptions in high-speed train circulation this Saturday. This is because 4 out of 5, regional TER (3 out of 5) and intercity (3 out of 5) work.

France faces a dozen days of partial strikes against pension reform this Saturday. Emmanuel Macron governmentamid mounting social unrest reflected in the second night of riots in various cities of the country.

Less importantly, the French metropolis registered spontaneous protests on Friday night, and at least 60 people were arrested in Paris for the conduct on Place de la Concorde.

In Lyon, clashes with the police were particularly tense, with demonstrators attempting to break into and burn down the headquarters of the district council.

It is in this context that new protests were called through social networks in dozens of French cities this Saturday.

One of the main ones is expected to be an event in Piazza Italia, south of the city, starting at 2pm in Chile.

France, civil protests outside unions and political parties

Street grievances, which are organized outside trade unions and political parties, have also been brought to parliament, and this Monday, on the brink of a political crisis not seen since, 2 Two denunciation motions will be discussed. The outbreak of the 2018 “yellow vest” rebellion.

However, the initiative is unlikely to succeed, as conservatives in Los Republicanos (LR) do not formally endorse it.

Today, LR MEP’s Agnès Evren predicted in a statement to BFMTV that “only four or five” MPs from her party would support the motion.

Reforms to raise the minimum retirement age in France from 62 to 64 have left trade unions on the road of war. .

High speed trains (4 out of 5 are working), regional TER (3 out of 5) and intercity (3 out of 5) circulations are also expected to be disrupted this Saturday.

Air traffic should not record cancellations or delays due to strikes, but 30% of flights are expected to be canceled at Paris Orly and 20% at Marseille (South) on Monday 20 March. will be

In the energy sector, at least four major refineries have closed, with the potential impact on fuel supplies still unknown.

In addition, four gas shipping terminals remain below the picket line, but are allowed to import liquefied gas. And so is his Storengy gas tank at 11, a subsidiary of Engie.

Source: Biobiochile

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