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The Austrian chancellor would fence off the east of the EU along the lines of the fence between the USA and Mexico



Far-right calls for Austria to become a “fortress”

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer wants a fence similar to the one on the US-Mexico border on the EU’s eastern border. Nehammer revealed to the German tabloid Bild that the head of the Austrian Federal Police is inspecting the fence in the US these days.

Nehammer he told a German newspaper that there should be a fence “very high and reaching deep into the ground, but it must also be strictly controlled from both a technical and personnel point of view,” because that’s just the way it is power stop illegal migration.

He explained that they will share their knowledge with other countries in the EU, such as Bulgaria. The strictly controlled external border of the EU is, in his opinion “necessary for the free Schengen area and defense against terrorism”.

Nehammer has already called for the construction of fences on the external borders of the EU several times, and in connection with the future summit of the European Council on this topic, he said that the development of migration is dramatic.

According to him, there are several million refugees and migrants in the Middle East, and some of them lost everything again in the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

His statements have already been criticized by the opposition Social Democrats (SPÖ). SPÖ representative for security Reinhold Einwallner it is Nehammer and accused his ÖVP party of only dealing with slogans and not solutions. According to the social democrats, a change to the asylum system at the level of the Union is necessary, and this is supposed to be the case Nehammereva Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) in words Einwallner blocked.

The opposition far-right Freelancers (FPÖ), however, called for k stricter measures at the Austrian borders. Leader of the FPÖ Herbert Kickl he said the chancellor should stop shifting responsibility to the EU. According to the liberals, it is necessary to freeze asylum procedures, and Austria must become one “fortress,” also states APA.

Source: Rtvslo

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