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Codelpa and Rust-Oleum Showcase Environmentally Responsible Architectural Paintings at Sodimac Fair



Paints often have a significant impact on the environment due to the solvents used to prepare them. Within the framework of the XI Sodimac Great Training Fair, Codelpa and Rust-Oleum unveiled their low-pollution product lines.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, 22% of the energy consumed in Chile comes from building area. This is due to the polluting fumes produced by the use of solvents and the waste they leave behind.

Solvents correspond to elements derived from petroleum, substances that damage the oceans, threaten biodiversity and disrupt the food chain from oil spills.

Various brands of building products have taken steps to address this issue. In the paint industry, Codelpa and Rust-Oleum They have released a line that does not contain oil in its composition. Large Sodimac Workshop 2023.

based on soybean oil

Rust-Oleum Brand Coordinator Mariel Herrera explains: water-based or oil-based ”.

of Varathane line to care for natural wood According to Herrera, soybean oil is “not as heavy as the solvents that typically pollute our oceans and the environment.”

Codelpa and Rust-Oleum Showcase Environmentally Responsible Architectural Paintings at Sodimac Fair
Rustoleum | Christian Gill (RBB)

water products

White spirit is a type of solvent widely used in construction to dissolve and reduce the viscosity of all types of paint. Despite its properties, it is made up of petroleum, which has a greater environmental impact.

Margarita Camus, Training Manager at Codelpa -Distributor of paint brands- indicates that line Cerecita’s Aquatech Replace with water.

“It behaves the same as white spirit products. For example, synthetic enamels diluted with white spirit.

However, Mariel Herrera points out that “not all paints are sustainable because it sacrifices product quality”, citing mainly the fact that it helps reduce the viscosity of the varnish. increase.

For more information on the XI Great Sodimac Training Fair, please visit enter here.

Source: Biobiochile

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