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Anti-climb fences and more: Acma and Acmanet to showcase under-construction novelties at Sodimac Fair



The construction industry is constantly being updated. For this reason, the brand of the Belgian multinational Bekaert has presented fences and automatically disconnecting ladders that help solve the problem of rising crime.

of XI Great Sodimac Training Fair Conducted March 16-18 . Every day brings new problems and with them new solutions.

In that sense Nelson Gómez, KAM Sales Retail of ACMA and KAM of Acmanet explains: The teacher is learning new techniques. The idea is to always adapt and automate. ”

The ACMA and Acmanet brands have presented two solutions to two challenges that arise in the construction industry. Ladder to facilitate the work of teachers in the building, fences to reduce the possibility of criminals entering the place.

Anti-scale fence to prevent criminals from entering

at the fair rise prevention fence , with a perimeter closure of electric-welded panels covered with paint. This ensures a long and quick installation.

For KAM Sales Retail of ACMA, the main advantage of this product is “to prevent vandals from entering or leaving a place. After the social epidemic, it is already used in road construction, commercial facilities and subway stations. .”

Gómez adds, “Acmanet adapts to what is being experienced in the country today with this type of fencing.”

Ladder that cuts itself apart

Today, ladders are still used in reinforced masonry and often injure workers. For this reason, ACMA has launched a safer ladder that cuts automatically so that there are no protrusions on the edge of the bricks.

“Today, it comes out in automatic welders to prevent teachers from cutting themselves while working. says Mr.

“Today, scaleplus launches automatic robots instead of manual robots, eliminating the need to cut ladders and coming out automatically, resulting in more inventory and better availability in front of clients,” said an ACMA executive. says.

He also points out, “This is in line with Bekaert’s vision of making innovation a top priority to keep the construction business up to date.”

Source: Biobiochile

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