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Images of magnitude 6.8 earthquake that killed at least four people in Ecuador



After a magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck Ecuador this Saturday, images began circulating showing the damage caused by the Earth’s movement that killed at least four people.

The worrying images were left by Saturday’s magnitude-6.8 earthquake in Ecuador’s coastal province of Guayas, which reportedly killed at least four people.

then another earthquake magnitude 4.8 It was reported in the same area shortly after the ground movement.

according to Risk Management Secretariatwas damaged Canton center of the city of Cuenca in Azuay state, where the front of a house collapsed and one person was reported dead on top of a car.

Ecuador earthquake

In this sense, in El Oro, which borders Peru, collapse of a two-story house He said in a statement that he would keep people trapped inside.

Also recorded Collapse of the old cabotage wharf , damage to YAT Club Machala, cut telephone lines, power shortages in several cantons of the state. In addition, the walls of the building cracked, trapping people.

“others, Collapse of camera tower recorded SIS ECU 911 on Giambelli Island, Santa Rosa, has so far recorded three deaths,” he said in a statement.

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