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Economists warn of possible dollar rally due to US and Swiss banking crises



Economists warn the dollar could rise after the banking crises facing the US and Switzerland. Imports will be hit the hardest, so experts say inflation may rise in March and he does not rule out April, but he predicts lower fuel prices.

after a break in Silicon Valley American Bank, There have been financial quakes in various entities in united states of america, Experts say this could cause the dollar to rise.

during this crisis, Swiss bank Credit Suisse, In addition, stock prices fell on the stock market, which had an economic impact on the region.

In this regard, Carlos Smith, economist at Desarolo University Center for Economic and Social Studies, He noted that given the economic uncertainty, the price of the dollar could rise, directly impacting import costs.

on her part Cecilia Cifuentes, economist and professor at ESE Business School, It ruled out a major threat to Chile, but warned that a sixth withdrawal would have a negative impact given the fragility of international markets.

he Juan Ortiz, senior economist at the Observatory of Economic Conditions at the University of Diego Portales, said: He said the crisis could cause inflation, but the phenomenon could mean lower fuel prices.

Economic experts are awaiting market reaction during March.

Source: Biobiochile

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