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UN experts call for effective action against human rights abuses against Nicaragua



The report condemns human rights abuses in Nicaragua, including extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detention, torture, including sexual violence, and arbitrary deprivation of nationality.

United Nations expert person who analyzes the situation of Nicaragua Urged international community to take “effective action” to prevent further commitments this Saturday Human rights violations and punish those responsible.

“It has been identified that the actions of (President) Daniel Ortega and (his wife and Vice President) Rosario Murillo led to the determination of responsibility for this series of crimes against humanity,” it declared. Colombian expert Angela Maria Buitrago Press conference in Costa Rica.

Experts say that “the only remaining step is for the international community to take action, and these actions will not only prevent crimes from continuing to be committed, but also directly to facilitate investigations and sanctions.” It is effective for ,” he added.

Buitrago is located next to Costa Rica Jan-Michael Simon German, Both are members of the Nicaraguan Human Rights Expert Group, United Nations Human Rights Council.

In Costa Rica, where thousands of Nicaraguans have emigrated since the outbreak of the social and political crisis in 2018, experts continue to meet with victims, activists and organizations to document the situation, recently announced in Geneva. published a report.

They condemn various human rights violations in Nicaragua

One of the human rights violations documented by the expert group was deprivation of citizenship of those who oppose the government of Daniel Ortega, Buitrago said, “We are seeing reactions regarding large families leaving Nicaragua, so we need to deepen this.”

Colombian experts also pointed to serious violations of freedom of the press and freedom of expression by shutting down the media, persecuting journalists, withdrawing nationality and expelling Nicaraguan communicators.

Similar situations have been experienced by human rights activists and organizations that have been shut down by the government.

“Not only have they shut down human rights organizations, but they have also threatened, silenced, deported, and deported those who were able to continue their work, accusing those remaining in the country of being traitors to their country. It’s been done,” Buitrago said. He said.

Jan-Michael Simon explained that the expert group’s mandate will be renewed by the UN Human Rights Council on 4 April, which will allow it to deepen further lines of inquiry.

Simon said The group is interested in delving into issues such as corruption, violations of indigenous rights, African descendants and farmers, and the participation of middle managers in crises.

Report of the Expert Group

On March 6, a group of experts released its first report, which found that the government of Nicaragua, “as part of a generalized and systematic course of action,” had committed crimes against humanity against a portion of its population for political reasons. said he had sinned.

The report, which investigated 159 incidents and interviewed 291 victims and witnesses, documented human rights abuses such as: Abuses, including extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detention, torture, including sexual violence, and arbitrary deprivation of nationality.

The report concludes that Ortega and his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo, the National Police and other high-ranking officials of the state institutions are behind these crimes against humanity.

Source: Biobiochile

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