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Deadly search for at least two of Peru’s Sendero Luminoso leaders



According to official sources, the victims correspond to an army petty officer and a suspected terrorist identified as “Paulino.”

One soldier and at least one suspected vandal were killed in a confrontation between a security force patrol and members of the police. Shining Path terrorist group During the search for the base of the leader of the destruction remnants, Victor Quispe Palomino, aka “Comrade Jose”, In the mountainous jungles of Peru, we reported an official statement.

The Joint Command of the Armed Forces said this Saturday, Army Petty Officer Emmanuel Guimaraes Chavez, Died “of the use of arms”, the suspected terrorist was identified as: “Paulino” He died “while preparing to mine the war zone.”

This information was revealed by Quispe Palomino and some of his Central Committee Biscatan del Ene region, In the central department of Junin, “therefore, a plan of operation called” Orion “was drawn up and carried out.

Military patrols, agents of the Peruvian National Police (PNP), and representatives of the Ministry of Public Affairs took part in the operation.

In the confrontation, a person identified as “Alvaro” was captured, shown as part of “Comrade Jos锑s “external guard”, injured in the confrontation and evacuated to the Military Health Center of Special Command Vlaem.

The military added that ‘Alvaro’ reported that in addition to ‘Paulino’, four other vandals presumed to be ‘responsible for the security ring’ of ‘Comrade José’ died at the scene. .

In addition, we were able to recover a Galil rifle belonging to “Álvaro” and the “location, identification and neutralization” of the terrorist camp and production area in Biscatan del Ene.

The Joint Command said it “deeply deplores the death in combat by weapons” of NCO Guimaraes, saying it “had managed to withdraw from the area of ​​operations after a violent confrontation” and that the security forces are still “fighting well”. affirmed against terrorism or other threats to your country’.

Sendero Luminoso remnants migrate through large areas of mountainous jungle in central and southern Peru known as the valleys of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro (Vraem) rivers. A close relationship, according to official sources.

Source: Biobiochile

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