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Vučić and Kurti reached an agreement regarding the plan for enforcing the agreement



The negotiations lasted as long as 12 hours

Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on an annex for the implementation of the agreement for the normalization of relations, EU foreign policy representative Josep Borrell announced at the end of the 12-hour meeting between Aleksandar Vučić and Albin Kurti.

The Serbian President and the Prime Minister of Kosovo continued their talks in Ohrid as part of the dialogue on the implementation of the agreement on the path to the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo. At a meeting in Brussels at the end of February, the two leaders agreed on the content of the agreement. The main topic of Saturday’s meeting was the discussion of the annex on the implementation of the agreement, that is, how the provisions of the agreement will be implemented.

“In the annex, both parties undertook to fulfill all the provisions of the agreement and fulfill all their obligations without delay and in good faith,” Borrell said after the negotiations.

He pointed out that the Kosovo side has agreed to immediately start negotiations regarding the establishment of a community of Serbian municipalities within the framework of the dialogue. Borrell also emphasized that the EU will “firmly demanded from both sides to fulfill their obligations” from the agreement, and that otherwise consequences will follow.

After the meeting, Vučić said that he and Kurti reached “some kind of agreement” and agreed on some points that will become a key part of the negotiating framework of both sides, but asserted that they did not sign anything.

He added that the plan for the implementation of the agreement will be upgraded. “We both made it known in different ways what are the limits that we will not cross. I think that we have made a good move in a constructive atmosphere and that we will start working,” he assessed.

Talks within the framework of the EU-sponsored dialogue lasted all day until late in the evening. Josep Borrell and EU Special Envoy for Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina Miroslav Lajčak first met separately with Vučić and Kurti, followed by a tripartite meeting.

Source: Rtvslo

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