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Casa de Moneda Chile reveals the names of 9 women who will apply for commemorative banknotes



Casa de Moneda Chile has announced a public consultation. My goal is? Define Chile’s outstanding women on commemorative banknotes.

chili mint 280 years of history. It was founded in 1743 as a coinage factory.

To date, we have diversified our offering by manufacturing valuable products and services such as license plates, medals, tickets, valuable documents, passports, driver’s licenses, identity cards, stamps and more.

According to the information contained in websiteA gold coin with the image of Ferdinand VI of Spain was the first piece minted in his workshop.

Within its functional framework, Casa de Moneda Chile has been producing banknotes since the early 20th century.

“The design combines multiple components, enhancing both the visual and artistic elements through a process focused on drawing and inking,” he says.

As of 2013, there is a new banknote production line “equipped with the best technology available on the market”, capable of producing banknotes both domestically and in Latin America.

Commemorative ticket

Recently, Casa de Moneda Chile has public consultation.

My goal is? Define Chile’s outstanding women on commemorative banknotes.

“This month I want to recognize, commemorate and highlight the value of women,” she reported in this regard.

Then change the user to Draw 1 out of 9 important women on a commemorative banknote It will be printed to commemorate the 280th anniversary.​​

The nine women who made the shortlist are:

1. Maria Luisa Bombal ,Writer.
2. Eloisa Diaz Chile’s first female doctor.
3. Isabelle Allende ,Writer.
Four. Valentina Muñoz United Nations Women Ambassador.
Five. Maria Teresa Lewis ,Astronomer.
6. Margot Duhalde the first Chilean War pilot.
7. purple vine artist; singer and composer.
8. Michelle Bachelet Chile’s first female president.
9. Christian Endler Chilean professional footballer.

Citizen consultation counts comments by preference and users can participate through accounts Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn of chili mint.

female inclusion

Last December, Casa de Moneda de Chile was ranked 7th out of 127 companies in the IMAD 2022 ranking, which distinguishes companies as: Include women in teams, front-line managers, and boards.

“Being at the top among Chilean companies and listed companies is a great satisfaction and pride and motivates us to continue on this path to reach our goal of gender equality by 2026,” the group commented. .

Source: Biobiochile

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