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Taliban leader forbids officials from hiring relatives



Nepotism is said to have spread among the Taliban regime

Taliban leader Hibatula Ahundzada ordered all Afghan officials not to employ their relatives. They must also fire any sons and other close relatives they employed after the Taliban take over in 2021.

Press agency Afghan Islamic Press, based in Peshawar, Pakistan, reported that the Taliban leader issued the decree following allegations that several senior Taliban officials appointed their sons to positions in the Afghan government, according to the BBC.

The Taliban regained power in Afghanistan after more than 20 years in the summer of 2021, following the withdrawal of foreign forces led by the United States from the country. After the seizure of power, the former Afghan leaders were dismissed, and many of them fled the country even before that.

Afghanistan is facing increasing economic and humanitarian problems after the Taliban takeover. Taliban officials are under Western sanctions, the Afghan central bank’s assets abroad have been frozen and foreign financial aid has been suspended.

Under the country’s soil, natural gas, copper and rare earths are said to be in large quantities, but due to decades of wars, Afghanistan does not exploit the natural resources, reports the BBC.

After taking power, the Taliban severely limited the rights of women, who are not allowed to go to school or do most jobs, must be veiled in public, and travel must be accompanied by a male relative.

Source: Rtvslo

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