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Macron confident that questionable pension reforms will come into effect in 2023



French President Emmanuel Macron was confident the questioned pension reforms would be applied by the “year-end”.

In an interview with private TV station TF1 and public France 2, the French president pointed out: “It would be good if the pensions of 1.8 million people would increase by about €600 (about 530,000 Chilean pesos) a year.”

according to EFE AgencyMacron added that reform now depends on what emanates from the Constitutional Council and not on the protests that have rocked the country recently.

“We have to respect them when they are at peace, but not when they resort to extreme violence.” hold.

In this sense, the president admitted that he had made a mistake. That is, he “failed to convince” the public of the need for reform.

“Do you think I like this reform? No” he added, which ruled out lowering pensions or increasing contributions for businesses and workers.

“None of the unions have proposed compromises. They have told us they don’t want reform,” he said.

Macron fends off no-confidence move

Remember, his government was able to avoid two condemnation motions in the National Assembly. This saved both executive continuity and the pension reforms they pushed.

So, I was successfully hired. Extension of retirement age from 62 to 64 and promotion to 2027 You have to contribute for 43 years (instead of 42 years) to receive your full pension.

Meanwhile, various protest They were executed on the streets of Paris and other French cities, and hundreds were detained.

Source: Biobiochile

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