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UN Secretary General: Water must be at the center of the global political agenda



Guterres is considering appointing a special envoy for water

At the end of the UN conference on water in New York on Friday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasized that water must be at the center of the global political agenda.

“Water is humanity’s most precious common good and unites us all. Water is linked to health, sanitation, hygiene and disease prevention. Water is linked to peace, sustainable development, fighting poverty, supporting food systems and creating jobs and prosperity. It is linked with human rights and gender equality, so it must be at the center of the global political agenda,” Guterres said.

“As we leave this historic conference, let us recommit ourselves to our shared future,” announced the Secretary General of the World Organization.

He also mentioned that he is considering the appointment of a special envoy for water, which was initiated by Slovenia, and has already been joined by 150 countries.

Slovenia for cross-border water cooperation

The conference, which started on Wednesday, was also attended by a Slovenian delegation led by the president Nataše Pirc Musar. They were also foreign ministers with her Tanja Fajon and Minister of Natural Resources and Space Uroš Brežan.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Space announced that Minister Brežan organized a side event on behalf of Slovenia, among other things, with the aim of promoting the international coalition for cross-border water cooperation. The coalition brings together 42 like-minded countries and organizations that want to develop this kind of cooperation.

An important final document of the UN conference on water is the action agenda on water, which to date contains 689 commitments from countries, organizations, institutions and non-governmental organizations from around the world on activities that will contribute to the accelerated implementation of the UN development agenda.

Slovenia contributed two commitments in connection with cross-border cooperation and adaptation to climate change. At the same time, it also committed itself to joint activities within the framework of EU commitments and to several other commitments from international connections.

Source: Rtvslo

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