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Mauricio Macri has confirmed he will not participate in the Argentine presidential election



Argentina’s former president made a bitter assessment of the country’s situation, ensuring that the government of Alberto Fernandez would keep the population “adrift, leaderless, isolated from the world and lonely”.

Former President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) is a member of the Juntos por el Cambio, the country’s main opposition coalition, and this Sunday Youtube He will not run for president next October.

“I want to endorse the decision not to run for office in the next election. I am convinced that we must expand the political space for the changes we have initiated and inspire others with our actions.” . voiced liberal ideological politicians.

In recent months, several leaders of the Macri coalition have come forward to announce their candidacy, but the October election will be preceded by primary elections in August, in which political circles will determine the final candidate, and the media and Analysts speculated what the decision would be for the former president, who lost 31.8% of the vote to current head of state Alberto Fernandez in the 2019 elections.

The former mayor of Buenos Aires and president of the Boca Juniors Club explains why in a video that’s just over six minutes long, contrasting the teamwork that led his football team to victory in the Qatar World Cup. your decision.

“Even if we had the best player in human history[on Leo Messi]on the field, the rest of us didn’t expect him to be the one to ensure victory. “They all shined, they all suffered, they all fought, and in the end they all won. Not the leader won, but the team won, and if all the Argentines won,” he said.

And he said, referring to Fernandez’s inauguration as president in 2019, that a country he now considers “adrift, without leadership, isolated from the world, and isolated” will “never again”. He vowed not to have a “puppet as president.” Current Vice President Cristina Fernandez was the nominee for president.

In the ruling party, the president has said he wants to run for re-election on several occasions, but the vice-president denied running for the election last December, and the vice-president said that she would not be able to run for re-election. Sentenced to 6 years in prison for corruption. President (2007-2015).

But there are growing calls among his supporters for him to choose the presidency again.

“In difficult situations, we immediately go out in search of a savior personality who will give us a sense of security, so we need to be very careful now. We were able to do that,” added Macri.

“We’ve always done that while staying united,” he added.

For now, the opposition coalition has a strong option to return to power, according to polls, with figures such as the capital’s Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Lareta and former security minister Patricia Bulrich announcing their candidacy for the primary. Did.

“I will continue to defend freedom, democracy and the values ​​we share, as I have always done. And we Argentines have matured and will not leave ourselves I will always do it by your side, with the conviction that no. Populism has already trampled on me,” Macri was sentenced.

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