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Putin has accused NATO of wanting to create an “axis similar to a fascist regime.”



“Western powers are beginning to build a new axis similar to that created by the fascist regimes of Germany, Italy and militaristic Japan in the 1930s,” the Russian president said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday accused NATO of trying to create a global axis. Images and similarities between Nazi Germany and Italy and Japan in the 1930s the alliance that led to World War II.

“What is the United States doing? said in a statement to public television.

He recalled that NATO intends to “develop ties with countries in the Asia-Pacific region”, including New Zealand, Australia and South Korea, according to a new alliance initiative approved in 2022. You say that you will create a global NATO, but what is this, earlier this year the UK and Japan, if I am not mistaken, signed an agreement to establish contacts and develop relations in the military field (…) signed.

For all these reasons, “Western analysts, not us, say the West is starting to build. New axes similar to those created in the 1930s by the fascist regime Germany, Italy, and militaristic Japan.”

Putin denies China-Russia ‘military alliance’

At the same time, Putin denied that Russia and China had a “military alliance,” There is cooperation in the technical military field “We do not hide it. Everything is transparent, there is nothing secret (…), we hold military exercises. By the way, despite the events in Donbass, Zaporizhia and Kherson, China And we continue to do so with other countries as well.”

And Putin and his Chinese colleague, President Xi Jinping, made it clear in a joint political statement issued during a state visit to Russia earlier this week that such a strategic relationship poses a threat to third countries. He rejected the accusation that there was.

In the same interview, Putin reaffirmed the agreement with Belarus, which borders Ukraine, on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on their territory.

Source: Biobiochile

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