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Mexico issues one-year temporary visa to work in public works



President López Obrador acknowledged that the government’s proposed mega-infrastructure project lacked a skilled workforce and said he would seek it out from his “Central American compatriots”.

the president of mexico Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, On Monday, the government announced it would issue one-year temporary visas to work in public works such as the Mayan Train, one of the regime’s most iconic structures.

“This week, I will propose to our compatriots in Central America a program that will allow them to obtain temporary visas to work in public works in Mexico, so that they can legally stay in our country on temporary work visas. will be,” the president reported in a report. Conferences, daily coverage.

He specified that work could be intermittent and that he would be paid adequate wages.

“Salaries are also increasing in our country, and in the Mayan Railway, drivers, drivers and employees are already earning more. Salaries in companies are also rising because of the increased demand for employment. They come back with an attractive salary,” he explained.

Lopez Obrador said last Saturday he received a letter from U.S. President Joe Biden congratulating him on his work on immigration and expressing his determination to invest more in Central America and the Caribbean.

Mexico’s president said “we are working together” on this kind of immigration policy, saying it still needed “fine-tuning”.

“It’s not right to deny immigrants when they need labor. Otherwise, how are we going to grow? Some places in the US don’t have workers,” he added.

New temporary visa to work in Mexico for 1 year

Lopez Obrador acknowledged that public works pushed forward during his six-year term, such as the Mayan Railway and the interoceanic corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, also required labor.

“We need a lot of iron workers, welders, even engineers and specialists,” he stressed.

On the Maya train, which runs through southern Mexico and is due to open next December, the government is sending drivers and mechanics to Europe for training, he added.

The public works project, which President Lopez Obrador has made his administration’s flagship project, has been embroiled in controversy over the role the military plays in its construction and management.

All of the above are embedded in a set of strategies that promote the country’s militarization.

The Maya train’s impact on the environment and on indigenous communities has also been criticized, but the government denies the impact.

About potential workers from Central American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Many immigrants from these countries arrive in Mexico seeking to cross to the United States. Despite this, Lopez Obrador did not specify the procedures that must be followed to obtain a temporary work visa.

Source: Biobiochile

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