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SII admits indictment against Mr. Palivedo and 24 others for secret sales of stolen seeds



SII said its investigation was based on information provided by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the discovery of a network of international smugglers who detained luxury watches and stolen jewelery and later sold them at exorbitant prices, with the cooperation of various parties. It was done by Paying large sums of money to customers or intermediaries. “

he Internal Revenue Service (SII) I informed him that he made the announcement this Monday afternoon. Lawsuit Against 25 People Involved In So-called “Clock Case” for tax violations of Stolen Seed Secret Deal.

The 25 people involved in the stolen jewelry and watch trading network are:

– Star Arsenia Danish Sanchez.
Jaime Antonio Quiros Jara.
– Sunday Elias Jalil Allel.
– Luis Rodrigo Chavez Acevedo.
– Sunday Antonio Luparante Moran.
– Nicolas Ignacio Moreno Lopez.
– Christina Belén Venegas Denmark.
– Carla Estrella Venegas Denmark.
– Juan Carlos Venegas Denmark.
– Leonardo Alvarez Alvarez.
– Gianfranco Alvarez Epple.
– Daniela Diaz Lopez.
– Luis Vazquez Caraja.
– Victor Palma Riquelme.
– Claudio Andrés González Mahmood.
-Norman Alejandro Jimenez Cerda.
– Hector Angel Basso.
– Jaime Roberto Rivera Castro.
– Marco Antonio Lopez Spaghi (Parivedo).
– Juan Cristóbal Pavez Barriga.
-Cesar Jose Velázquez Valencia.
– Tiare Carolina Carrasco Silva.
– Francisca del Carmen Acuna Flores.
– Ricardo Javier Parada Neira.
– Jenny Marilyn Coffret Coffret.

The agency originally stated that it had filed complaints in September 2022 against six individuals who may have been involved in the secret dealing crimes as a result of their respective analytical processes, based on available information.

Then, based on new precedents, “It was decided that it was appropriate to file a Complaint for the corresponding tax violation.”

“We are stepping up our actions in terms of criminal prosecution through the filing of complaints against all those responsible,” said SII Deputy Legal Director Marcelo Freihoffer.

He added, “The reason we do this is not only to facilitate sanctions against those who harm our tax system in this way, We send a clear signal that these crimes will not be tolerated. ”

“case watch”

In a statement, SII said its investigation was based on information provided by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office about the discovery of international smuggler networks, with the cooperation of various parties. “They interned with luxury watches and stolen jewelry and later sold them to clients and brokers at a high price.”

One of the main intermediaries involved in the case was Star Denmark Sanchez Owner of a jewelry store in the center of Santiago where he received watches and jewelry and was looking for the final buyer. rely on informal lenders among other people.

The Ministry of Public Security was able to determine that the persons concerned committed the following acts through illegal associations: Money Laundering, Smuggling, Seed Hospitality and Secret Dealing Crimes they each have different participation in the above crimes, depending on the role they played in the crime syndicate.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office “has already formally punished those involved according to their corresponding responsibilities,” SII said.

And now, “the service will add to the complaint filed in September 2022 with the filing of criminal complaints against all parties involved in violation of tax laws for secret trade in stolen seeds,” SII said. concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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