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‘Borik’ brand beer, wine, rum?: I tried to register the name of the drink, but Inapi said no



This is not the first time a president’s name has been “involved” in a registration issue. In early 2022, the web domain “Gabrielboricfont.cl” was registered by a 57-year-old man who was considering selling. Give it to the President for $10 million.

someone tried to register boric brand Intended for use in the production of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, rum) by the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inapi).

but, The agency denied the request.

reason? The applicant clearly belonged to the President of the Republic in Chile and did not have a surname associated with him.

According to Diario Financiello, Nor did he prove that he had permission to use the Borik surname.

In his defense, Inapi also argued that calling a brand by that name would lead to deception, error and confusion.

The media outlet added that the agency emphasized that the requested brand itself did not meet the “requirements to be established” and that it could not use the name or pseudonym of a natural person without proper consent. rice field.

Gabrielboricfont.cl tried to sell it for $10 million

At the beginning of 2022, web domains will be “Gabrielboricfont.cl” is registered by a 57-year-old man Identified as Alejandro Enrique Diaz Cuso, The one who thought to sell to the president for $10 million.

As he commented at the time, he thought this could be a way to generate resources because of his employment, financial situation and accumulated debt.

“To tell you the truth, I was wondering if I could buy a domain, To help me with the government burden, But they wanted to pay the arbitrator’s fees,” Diaz Cuso began to say when the case was settled. And not in your favor.

This is because the NIC Chile Dispute Resolution Center has determined that the aforementioned domain belongs to the head of state.

Source: Biobiochile

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