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Russia launches “anti-terrorism regime” on Ukrainian border areas before “enemy invasion”



A group of saboteurs from the Ukrainian army has infiltrated Belgorod, a Russian region that borders Ukraine, accused Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov on Monday, but Ukrainian officials denied any involvement.

The authorities Russia they today anti-terrorist regime After the invasion of a group of enemy saboteurs in the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine, Kiev broke away from the group.

Measures include: Temporary Restrictions on Free Movement of Persons to ensure the safety of local residents, as explained in telegram that governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov.

Other measures include: Industrial activities requiring the use of explosives, radioactive, chemical and biological agents are suspended. correct.

“A group of saboteurs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces invaded the territory of the Greyboron district. Russian Army and Border Guards and FSB (former KGB) They will take the necessary steps to wipe out the enemy,” he declared.

At least eight people were injured in the district due to mine explosions and shootings in various towns of Greyboron.

“The situation in Greyboron remains tense (…) the majority of the population has left the area. For those who have difficulty moving, we will help you move. ” explained the governor.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov The Russian President said: Vladimir Putin, I received news of an enemy attack.

“We fully understand that the purpose of these sabotages is to divert attention away from the Bahmut front and minimize the political consequences of the loss of Bahmut. Artyomovsk (Russian name for Bakhmut) This is the position of the Ukrainian side,” the official Russian news agency TASS quoted Mr Peskov as saying.

Kremlin declares anti-terror regime in Russian border regions

A representative of the General Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine asserted to the press that two groups of Russian militias fighting the Kremlin were behind these attacks. Russian Volunteer Army and Russian Freedom Corps.

The main purpose of these raids was to “Security Zone” To protect Ukrainian civilians from Russian bombing.

One such volunteer group urged residents of Belgorod and other Russian regions bordering Ukraine to: “Stay home, don’t resist, don’t be scared.”

“We are not your enemies. Unlike Putin’s zombies, we do not harm civilians or use them for our purposes,” the message posted to Telegram by phone read. “Freedom for the Russian Legion” The social network channel has about 160,000 followers.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian presidential administration has withdrawn from invading the territory of neighboring countries.

“Ukraine is watching developments in the Russian region with interest.” Belgorod And we study situations that are not directly related to us. As you know, tanks are sold on the Russian military market. After all, partisan forces are made up of Russian citizens. ” The Ukrainian presidential aide commented on Twitter: Mihailo Podoljak.

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