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Immigrant drowned trying to cross border into US



Authorities do not reveal immigrant nationality/provided by Telemundo

Authorities do not reveal immigrant nationality/provided by Telemundo

Texas border agents and firefighters tried to save the lives of migrants trapped in the Rio Grande River channel while trying to cross the border into the United States.

Texas officials recently opened river channels in the El Paso area due to an ongoing heat wave in the area. The migrants were startled by the flow and were dragged several meters before being spotted by border officials.

Firefighters rescued the migrants while they were still alive, then gave them first aid and transported them to a nearby hospital. Authorities later reported that the 30-year-old migrant died while being treated at a medical center, according to information collected by the Telemundo network.

Border officials did not provide details about the immigrants’ names or nationalities.

During the season when the Rio Grande opens in Texas, many migrants die in the current while trying to cross the southern border of the United States. About 21 migrants died in these waterways in June 2022.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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