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CyberDay 2023: when and where to compare prices



Compare prices for thousands of products and services on at least five Internet pages. This will let you know the value before the upcoming CyberDays on Monday, May 29th, Tuesday, May 30th, and Wednesday, May 31st, even though we don’t have a final list of related stores yet.

Less than a week left until the first round starts CyberDay of the year 2023 is a traditional opportunity for companies to offer discounts on their products through Internet platforms.

Thousands of promotions can be bought and sold through an application for mobile devices or through affiliated store web pages. Sales this year are expected to exceed $399 million in 2022 sales.

When is CyberDay 2023?

first time CyberDay of the year 2023 Hosted by Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) will start at 00:00 on Monday, May 29th. And like any other occasion, the organization specified that it would last three days, meaning it would end on Wednesday, May 31st.

Nearly 800 businesses and stores participated in the last edition, and a similar number or more are expected to participate this year, although the organizers have yet to provide a complete list. .

Regarding this cyber day It’s important to pay attention to our tips to make the most of your dates and make your purchases efficiently and wisely. Useful tools include price comparison and tracking tools similar to Google Shopping.

Here are some of the Chilean pages that serve this function quoting product values:

  • Kunasta
  • Compare
  • mouse discount
  • skirt
  • just everything
  • One of the classic recommendations for discounts these days is to be clear on the price before you buy, regardless of the variations you see on the comparison page.

    Internet users also report that some stores have increased the prices of goods and services in the past few weeks to offer fictitious discounts.

    Source: Biobiochile

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