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Lopez Obrador says he’s proud to be ‘disgusted’ by Peruvian side



At his regular press conference this morning, the president of Mexico said that it didn’t seem right to him, but that he personally said, “It’s a sign of pride that people who act like this declare me ‘unpleasant’.” Stated.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Monday that being declared “offensive” in Peru would be a “show of pride”.

He said he would discuss whether the country’s parliament should reject President Dina Boluarte, calling his remarks “unacceptable”.

At a press conference on Monday, Lopez Obrador said: “I’m not declaring the president of Mexico ‘unpleasant’. To me, it’s a sign of pride that people acting like this declare me ‘unpleasant’.” But it’s not right,” he said. morning of the meeting.

The Mexican Head of State responded to the Peruvian Congressional Foreign Relations Committee as follows: The commission is today considering a motion to propose rejecting the president’s “unacceptable statement”, which last week described Mr Boruarte as a “usurper”.

The motion said Lopez Obrador’s remarks “among other things violate international law”.

In this regard, the President of Mexico reiterated that he considered it unfair that the Peruvian Congress had dismissed and imprisoned President Pedro Castillo, declaring it illegal.

“Analyzing the legal framework in Peru, they did not follow it, they violated it. It was an arbitrary decision plus the crackdown they unleashed, they killed about 70 people who took part in the protests. ” he said.

He added that it was “not right or normal” for him that the US ambassador to Peru backed the decision after Castillo’s dismissal.

Lopez Obrador criticizes Peruvian government

He asserted that the Peruvian parliament had authorized the arrival of 700 armed US troops “at the request of the presidency (Dina Boluarte)”.

“We will deploy 700 US soldiers to train the Peruvian National Armed Forces and the Peruvian Police. I don’t just blame those who allowed it,” he said.

“I call on the U.S. government to take note because it maintains an interventionist policy that does not help to seek fraternity among the peoples of the continental United States,” he said. rice field.

He said that if you declare something “offensive,” you should at least let people know why.

Last Monday, President López Obrador described Mr Bolarte as a “usurper” and said: “Pedro Castillo, who won free and democratic elections, should be given the presidency.”

Let us remember that he was removed from office by the Peruvian parliament for an attempted coup and has been in prison since December 7th.

The Mexican president, who granted political asylum to Mr Castillo’s wife and children, said Mr Castillo was the victim of a coup “by an oligarchy”.

He added that Bolarte, who was appointed vice-president by constitutional succession, was “imposed” on the Peruvian government with “about 25 percent consent”.

He further reiterated that Mexico would not give her the seat of Pacific Alliance president “because she is not the legal and legitimate president of Peru.”

At the end of February last year, the Peruvian government announced the permanent retirement of its ambassador to Mexico, signaling that bilateral ties would be limited to business owners.

Source: Biobiochile

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