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‘A positive step’: UK foreign minister visits Chile after joining TPP11 two months ago



Almost two months after Britain’s participation in TPP11 was confirmed, the British foreign secretary visited Chile and said “the UK’s imminent accession to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes Mexico, Peru and Chile, is a positive step”. Stated. ”

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley asserted on Monday that Latin America “can play a decisive role in the necessary reshaping of the international order”. He said that cooperation with Britain in this regard “could make a difference for the whole world”.

In a speech delivered at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center in the heart of Santiago, he skillfully celebrated the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations with our country, while calling it a “transnational threat” due to the need to strengthen democracy. predicted future challenges with the rest of the continent until confrontation with the such as climate change.

“We need strong multilateral institutions that are politically, economically and demographically representative of today’s world. explained the minister who is touring the area.

British foreign minister visits Chile

after meeting someone Albert Van Claveren“Latin America has a crucial role to play in reshaping the international order to adapt it to the world of the 21st century,” Cleverley stressed. The population and economy of this part of the globe have grown rapidly in recent decades.

He also said, “In 1969, there were 279 million people living in Latin America. Today this figure exceeds 664 million.

“Its demographics and economic importance play a fundamental role in determining whether the international order will survive. It is my goal as Prime Minister to ensure that this simple fact is reflected, and that is why I am here in Latin America this week,” the UK Foreign Secretary stressed.

“Territorial Integrity”

Mr. Cleverley emphasized “respect for sovereignty, respect for territorial integrity, the right to self-determination”, a value that, in his opinion, exists in the Americas, along with its consistent role in the United Nations “to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression.” rights,” he said. ”.

These values ​​must be “promoted alongside human rights, democracy, the rule of law, emancipation and freedom,” he argued.

“It is my omission not to mention Malvinas. Falklanders, like other peoples, are entitled to the freedom to determine their future in terms of political, cultural, economic and developmental terms. “The 2013 referendum made it clear that they want to maintain their absolute right to maintain their current relationship with the UK, and the UK continues to support that decision.”

trade and investment

“Last year, investment and trade (between Chile and the UK) rebounded significantly from the pandemic-induced decline, with the importance and value of exports increasing by 45% to more than £40 billion,” he stressed.

However, the UK Prime Minister said that “Latin America accounts for only 2% of UK imports and 2.5% of world imports”. I recognize that there is a lot to be done in both trading and investing. “

Cleverley’s visit, which began in Jamaica on 18 May, focused on issues such as climate, democracy and strengthening multilateral institutions, and also focused on “critical minerals, green hydrogen and sustainable infrastructure,” including development. He also emphasized the “strategic focus” from the perspective of of lithium.

“The UK’s imminent accession to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes Mexico, Peru and Chile, is a positive step forward.” And I hope Costa Rica, Ecuador and Uruguay will join us soon. Working together between Latin America and the UK has the potential to make a difference not only to our security and prosperity, but to the world at large,” the officials concluded.

Let us recall that at the end of March the member states of the Comprehensive and Developed Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP11) agreed to accept the UK’s membership.

Source: Biobiochile

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