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Mexican military spied on undersecretary of human rights close to Lopez Obrador with Pegasus



A New York Times investigation has found that Mexico’s undersecretary for human rights, Alejandro Encinas, may have been the target of espionage in Israel’s Pegasus program, blaming the Mexican military for it. .

Encinas was one of the closest officials to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom he had a personal relationship that even revealed disagreements on issues such as the role of the military. .

The New York Times highlights that the Mexican military is the only organization in the country with access to this espionage program, ensuring it has spied on more phones than any other customer in the world. .

Developed by Israeli company NSO, Pegasus is a software tool sold only to government agencies that allows you to spy on your phone through a simple photo, email, or WhatsApp message, and collects your personal digital history, including all your conversations. provides complete access to

Encinas’ latest cell phone break-in occurred last year when he headed a truth commission tasked with investigating the 2014 kidnapping and disappearance of 43 “regularist” students from Ayotsinapa. Encinas pointed to the Army’s responsibility for these disappearances, which may have sparked interest in wiretapping.

The New York Times contacted the Mexican president’s office, the Ministry of Defense and Encinas himself, but all declined to comment on the spying allegations.

Encinas learned of the infection on her mobile phone thanks to Citizen Lab, an organization based at the University of Toronto that specializes in investigating abuse in the digital field. Although he did not make the findings public, two officials close to Encinas who also worked on military issues are believed to have been victims of the mobile phone espionage.

The New York paper said Mr. Encinas was one of the few officials to publicly denounce the military’s growing power and influence over politics, as well as multi-million dollar public works contracts such as building a massive railroad network and distributing medicines. Emphasis on being alone. Port and customs management.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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