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Sudan crisis: Seven-day ceasefire promoted by Saudi Arabia and US takes effect



Today there have been sporadic clashes and troop movements, but this time the United States and Saudi Arabia acted as mediators, establishing a “ceasefire monitoring mechanism” between the two countries.

After weeks of bloody fighting, SUdan lives the first moments of Armistice Week An agreement was reached between the military and the militia’s Rapid Relief Force (FAR), brokered by Saudi Arabia and the United States.

According to a daily report issued by the military, “anti-government militias today attacked the headquarters of Faisal Islamic Bank and Sudan Islamic Bank” and “captured and destroyed the Corinthia Hotel.”

A resident of the Sudan capital told EFE: No sounds of fighter planes or artillery fire were heard after 18:45 GMT, when the ceasefire began. . However, the United Nations recorded “battles and troop movements”.

Until now, clashes have generally subsided at night.

So far, neither side has honored the humanitarian moratorium, which all lasted three days, except for the one hosted by South Sudan that ended on May 11 and lasted a week.

A “ceasefire monitoring mechanism” will be set up with representatives from both sides of the mediation from the Saudi capital Riyadh and Washington.

A new ceasefire agreement agreed on Saturday night in the Saudi port city of Jeddah provides for a week-long ceasefire during which parties to the conflict will facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid, protect civilians, and mobilize institutions and organizations. I agree to restore the security of the service premises.

Source: Biobiochile

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