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Two women arrested in Rio de Janeiro for crimes against Chilean tourists



Two women have been arrested for attacking two Chilean tourists in Rio de Janeiro, one dead and the other seriously injured. Police said the suspects drugged the men and attacked them with the intention of robbing them.

of The Rio de Janeiro Tourism Assistance Police detained two women on Monday in connection with the murder of a Chilean man last week. And a second compatriot was seriously injured.

The detainees, Davina Cristina de Moraes Melo and Tuan Silva da Costa, are believed to be sex workers but have so far denied any involvement in the crime, the portal said. bottom. G1.

The suspects were supposed to have met the Chileans at a bar and had a drink together. The next day, the men appeared to have been left in a ditch, with marks of various blows, and Ronald Tejeda died hours later, while Andrés Orellana is still in the hospital.

Police hypothesize that the women may have used a drug known as “Goodnight Cinderella” against Chileans. The drug, mixed with alcohol, causes the victim to become unconscious and confused.

They then assaulted them, stole some belongings, and left them in the ditch where they were found.

Suspect denies Chilean crime

“They deny committing the crime. They say they met the boys, spent time with them in Lapa[a bohemian neighborhood in Brazil]and that’s it. But we know they’re lying. I am said police officer Patricia da Costa Araujo.

The suspects claim that after meeting in Lapa, they took a taxi to central Brazil and returned to Duke Caxias.

Davina Cristian’s attorney, Carlos Alexandre, denied his client was a prostitute, insisting she was in Lapa with friends to “enjoy the night” and said the woman was in Chile and booze. He added that he came to drink , but said goodbye at the station. .

“Yes, they drank at Lapa. Those were drinks. She said they met at the entrance of a nightclub. They kept drinking and then they went to Caxias (outskirts of Rio),” said Alexandre.

As for the victims, Orellana underwent surgery in Brazil on Monday and Tejeda’s body was returned to Chile over the weekend, where a funeral was held.

Source: Biobiochile

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