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‘She’s crazy’: Writer E. Jean Carroll sues Donald Trump again for defamation



Two weeks ago, the former president called her “crazy” after a former reporter won a trial that accused her of raping her in a clothing store in 1996.

former journalist E. Gene Carroll Donald Trump filed lawsuit again on Monday against man owed $5 million for 1996 sexual assault against defamation In response to remarks after the sentencing of the former U.S. president.

“She’s crazy”, President Trump said of Carroll: CNN The day after a unanimous verdict was handed down by a jury of nine New York citizens on May 9.

The 2024 Republican primary candidate repeatedly told a crowd he didn’t know the former Elle chronicler, describing the topic as an “invention.”

of new complaint Based on President Trump’s statement “Deep hostility towards Carroll was shown after the verdict.” the lawyer denied Roberta Kaplan.

His clients are seeking “substantial damages” to “punish Trump, prevent further defamation, and prevent others from doing the same.”

Grounds for New Lawsuit Against E. Jean Carroll’s Defamation

On the eve of the broadcast on CNN, a jury found former President Trump (2017-2021) civilly responsible for sexually assaulting Carole for raping her in the locker room of an intimate clothing store in New York. Spring of 1996.

A jury also ruled that Trump was responsible for defamation for his 2022 remarks and paid victims a total of $5 million, a decision that Republicans have appealed.

The new lawsuit is filed within the framework of civil lawsuits that have been ongoing since 2019, also for defamation caused by E. Jean Carroll.

The previous lawsuit was postponed for procedural reasons, especially when it was trying to determine whether Donald Trump could have enjoyed presidential privileges in 2019, when he was still in the White House.

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