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Russia claims it has ‘purged over 70 Ukrainian terrorists’ who attacked Belgorod



The Russian Defense Ministry claims to have purged all Russian saboteurs who attacked the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that it has purged all Russian saboteurs who attacked the Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine on Monday. The country had withdrawn from the attack.

“Nationalist militias have been surrounded and eliminated. More than 70 Ukrainian terrorists have been purged,” Defense Spokesperson Igor Konashenkov reported in the Daily War section.

The Russian lieutenant general stressed that some of the attackers had been exiled to Ukraine and that Russian artillery continued to attack “until they are completely eliminated”. Four armored vehicles and five pickup trucks were also destroyed.

The counter-terrorist operation involved forces guarding the borders of the Western Military District, artillery and aviation.

Belgorod provincial authorities had to proceed with the evacuation of nine towns in the province and estimated that 10 people were injured in the attack and an elderly woman died during the evacuation.

“Ukrainian saboteurs and terrorists” in Belgorod

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov accused them of sabotaging the Ukrainian military.

Nevertheless, a representative of the Ukrainian General Directorate of Military Intelligence asserted that behind these attacks were two groups of Russians fighting on the side of Kiev.

Specifically, it would be the Russian Volunteer Forces and the Free Russian Corps, which claimed responsibility for the attack on Monday.

“The Russian army could not stand against a mass of armed volunteer patriots. They were not afraid to openly confront the Moscow regime for Russia’s free future.” The corps reported Tuesday on its Telegram channel.

Not ruling out further action, the volunteers stressed that their attacks “again debunked the myth that the Russian people are safe and Russia is strong.”

Meanwhile, the Russian militia also issued a statement at the same time, assuring that “the country is ready for change.”

“In the near future, there will be no acquaintances in Russia who have not lost their lives in this criminal war,” they added.

“To end this, we need to attack the enemy in the territory they occupy. The war will continue until Putin’s hanging corpse adorns the walls of the Kremlin,” the movement said.

Kremlin ‘deep concern’

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov today acknowledged “deep concern” about the intrusion of saboteurs and clarified that military operations in the neighboring country must continue because of this.

“Without a doubt, what happened yesterday is of grave concern. will continue to deter such aggression,” he stressed.

But Mr Peskov said he would hold an extraordinary meeting of the Russian Security Council dedicated to the Belgorod invasion, as Putin did last March, after a similar incursion on the Bryansk border claimed by Russian militias. Excluded that it was planned to

Asked about Russian involvement in attacks in the region, Peskov repeated that they were “Ukrainian fighters from Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Maryal today called spoilers “Russian patriots rebelling against Putin’s regime”.

Maryar said the move was due to “the desire of the[Russian]people to change the country’s political system and stop this bloody war caused by the Kremlin.”

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