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In Germany, accommodation for refugees from Ukraine is at capacity



The reception center at the former Tegel Airport has been turned into accommodation for some refugees

Between 200 and 300 refugees still arrive in Germany every day, most of them still from Ukraine, and accommodations in the states are, the states and municipalities warn, at the edge of capacity.

Even in Berlin, where a reception area was set up at the former Tegel airport center, where up to 4,500 people can spend the night. These are tents intended for the registration of refugees from Ukraine. But since there is no more accommodation for refugees in Berlin, people, including families, have been staying in these tents for several months.

The former runways of the airport are now tents housing refugees, and the airport buildings, where conveyor belts and airport signs are still present, are for officials, security, doctors.

“Berlin it is so full that we had to make temporary residences here so that people even have a place to stay. What we do here it is that we prevent them from being homeless. If we didn’t have that, we wouldn’t be able to house them in Berlin at all.” it is she said Monica Hebbinghaus from the Berlin Refugee Office.

Refugees share small, provisional bedrooms, separated from the rest of the room only by curtains. In a small space it is 8 bunk beds, sometimes with families, sometimes complete strangers. Noise it is unbearable, the barriers are only 2 and a half meters high. Children cannot go to school because they are in temporary accommodation.

A Ukrainian refugee from Odessa tells me that yes it is decided on Germany because the children here should have access to school, but her 3 children have not for 4 months. Despite the effort and the offer activities they don’t have their own kitchen, the food is not suitable for children, he says. “I have to it is to say that they are city accommodations completely full and yes it is it has become difficult and it takes months to find buildings, rent areas or prepare them to house people properly. That’s why we’re here in this state of emergency.” it is Monika also said Hebbinghaus.

Which will drag on, will continue, new refugees arrive every day. They are significantly better prepared in Berlin like in 2015, but now it does it is stopped. And although Ukrainian refugees in principle have immediate access to healthcare, schools, and the labor market, in practice this no longer exists in Berlin.

Source: Rtvslo

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