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Controversy in Italy over photo of anti-mafia commission chairman and convicted terrorist



Colosimo denied being a friend of the terrorists, but instead became a member of the Levivia Foundation in Rome’s Levivia Prison, which is in charge of reuniting prisoners but has been banned from the prison for alleged misconduct. They said they saw him in action.

Member of the government political party “Brothers of Italy”, Chiara Colosimo He was elected chairman of parliament’s anti-mafia committee on Tuesday.

All of the above happened amid criticism from the opposition For being photographed with a far-right terrorist.

Colosimo, a 36-year-old Roman, was backed by votes from his own organization and from far-right partners in the government coalition. alliance Mateo Salvini and Conservatives Forza Italy By Silvio Berlusconi.

the opposition did not participate in the voting Democratic Party, populist of five star movement and the An alliance of greens and leftists. This is a protest against appointment.

The lieutenant was criticized for being photographed with neo-fascist terrorists in the core of the revolutionary armed forces. Luigi Ciavaldini.

Ciavaldini has a long criminal record, He was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2007.

As a documenter of the Bologna train station massacre (1980) on August 2, 1980, 85 dead, In the so-called lead year.

Reply of the Chairman of the Italian Anti-Mafia Commission

“I have no friends. I have only fulfilled my duty as a local councilor, what I was allowed to do, and what I was supposed to do. Visiting people who are detained or detained. ” and declared colismo to the media.

The possibility of this appointment has caused displeasure not only by the Rivera Association, but also by the Mafia and families of victims of terrorism. It is against organized crime.

After Colosimo’s election, Rivera today “expressed his displeasure with the ambiguity and unclear appointment”. A shadow that could undermine the credibility and trust it deserves.” A commission investigating mafia crimes.

“When there are no shortcuts between legal and illegal, there will be no gray areas in this country. When ethics again becomes the main reason for politics and society as a whole,” the association lamented in a statement.

Old photo of lieutenant and ex-terrorist revealed in investigation plan “report”.

nevertheless she insisted “Il Corriere della Sera” It is said to be from an event in 2010 that included politicians from other parties.

Source: Biobiochile

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