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Retired couple kicked out of house by son: now live in old car



The couple has been living in their car for more than 10 days because of the situation, as reported by the Argentinian press. The chairman of the Neighborhood Commission made a reference to this, revealing that her daughter-in-law had also seized the woman’s salary.

Retired couple live in old Ford Sierra for 10+ days After being kicked out of her home by her own son and daughter-in-law.

An unfortunate event happened when the adults returned to buy. they found that the locks on the house had been changed And from that moment on they were not allowed to enter.

A 70-year-old man and a woman remain in their cars on Calle 103 and Calle Luchessi, Chacra 102, Misiones province.

As the Argentinian press detailed, They only get help from their neighbors.


“They had ownership of their homes, and one day they came home from shopping and said, “They don’t come here anymore” and they shut everything down. They have been out of touch on the road for about 14 days,” he said. Paulina Piris.

“They live in the car and I give them a plate of food every day,” he added in the dialogue. Mission 4.

Fabian Ramirez The chairman of the Chakra 102 Neighborhood Commission added in the same local media: “This is a big question we’ve had for the past two weeks and we haven’t found an answer.”

Retired couple kicked out of home by son and daughter-in-law

“Neighbors are also trying to help with coats and food, and we are trying to meet their needs,” Ramirez said.

“Some people make me go to the bathroom, than Mrs. Christina and Mrs. Paulina, They were concerned and immediately let me know,” he commented.

Regarding his family situation, he clarified: “It’s a sensitive topic. They’re having a problem with their son and daughter-in-law. They’ve been evicted.”

“They told me to go shopping and come back to exchange keys, open the door, padlock the gate, They were left in the streets with very little clothing.” accused.

“There were things inside. They also work by hand, so I lost all those things.” Said.

In this sense he added: “They have filed a complaint. They are now in court on the manor issue. They are on the manor ambition issue. The daughter-in-law garnished the woman’s salary. So it comes from the side of ambition. “

Source: Biobiochile

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