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They report the deaths of Pintura Roja and Peruvian Cumbia’s memorable vocalist ‘Prince Sita Milly’



After becoming known at the age of 18 and being recognized as one of the great voices of Peruvian cumbia, Milagros Soto, better known as ‘Prince Sita Milie’, enjoyed great fame as the vocalist of the group Pintura Roja. The former singer retired a few years later to devote himself to his religion, but lived to be 52 years old after dying on May 22 from an as yet unreported illness.

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture reported the death of Milagros Soto, commonly known as Milagros Soto, this Monday, May 22, through social networks. “Prince Sita Millie”, former vocalist of Red Painting He has been unwell since last week.

A few days ago, the group’s founder, Alejandro Zarate, joined other members to ask followers and fans of Cumbia in Peru to pray for Milagros’ health. So far, it’s unclear what illness the deceased singer suffered from.

All About The Death Of Red Painting Memories Vocalist ‘Princess Millie’

At only 18 years old, Milagros Soto He was recognized by the public for his melodious voice and the emotional lyrics he interpreted. red painting of peru . However, in 1989 she quit singing with the group to convert to Christianity, after which her daughter was born.

After retiring from music, “Princess Millie” He shared the word of God through Facebook and ran a company specializing in event planning.

There was always music playing, so they offered catering services, pastries, entertainment, and more. In his interview, he confessed that although he had been in the field for over a decade, he had to sing virtually again because of the pandemic.

A representative and memorable figure of Cumbia in Peru

Born March 25, 1966 in Lima. “Princess Millie” was the main voice of the group red paint The 80s was the heyday of Peruvian cumbia, causing outrage and emotion in the most popular neighborhoods and provinces of the Peruvian capital.

His most memorable song so far is the group’s “El Telefono” teaming with artists such as Johnny Orozco, Toño Centera, Sara Heidi Barreto (Muniekita Sally) and Antonio Dominguez. ’ and they too began their musical journey with this group.

Before joining Pintura Roja, he dabbled in cumbia as part of the group Los Dinamicos. Milagros Soto joined the group and later adopted the stage name.

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