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Due to good economic growth, Denmark will allocate an additional 670 million euros annually to health care



Denmark spends 10.5 percent of GDP on healthcare

Denmark will use the economic growth, which is higher than forecast, to strengthen the health system, which will be strengthened by an additional 670 million euros annually, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced.

Danes pay one of the highest taxes to finance their social model, which includes universal health care. As the population ages, the government faces increasing calls to boost the health budget.

After Luxembourg, Denmark spends the most on healthcare, namely 10.5 percent of GDP, according to Eurostat data.

“The reason we can now give a big financial injection to our health system is that the Danish economy is doing better than we expected,” explained the Prime Minister at the press conference.

Despite the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic and the energy crisis, the Danish economy is moderately booming, characterized by low unemployment and high economic activity. Nevertheless, the government is pursuing prudent fiscal spending to bring down high inflation.

, the Prime Minister also said. Cancer treatment in Denmark has recently come under scrutiny after media reports that treatment and surgery times have increased.

Source: Rtvslo

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