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Spain grants citizenship to 15 Nicaraguan opponents in second group



Foreign Minister José Manuel Alvarez and writer Sergio Ramirez.  / European Press.

Foreign Minister José Manuel Alvarez and writer Sergio Ramirez. / European Press.

The government has granted Spanish citizenship to a second group of 15 Nicaraguan dissidents who were declared stateless by the government of Daniel Ortega, a government official told Europa News Agency.

The decision will be taken at the Council of Ministers meeting this Tuesday, and the names of the new nationalizing powers will be announced at the BOE this Wednesday.

These 15 dissidents have come to join the first 14 people granted citizenship by naturalization papers two weeks ago. They are among the more than 200 people Ortega has made stateless and the government has offered to be Spanish.

In February, Ortega ordered the deportation of a group of 222 dissidents accused of treason and disenfranchised to the United States, and then ordered the disqualification of another 94 dissidents, including Spanish writer Sergio Ramirez. .

Foreign Minister José Manuel Alvarez had already announced that more groups would join the first nationalized Spanish group, a move that sources confirmed on Tuesday.

In the first round, Carlos Fernando Chamorro Barrios, the son of local media Confidential and former president Violeta Chamorro, and his sister, 2021 nominee Cristiana María.・There was Chamorro. Presidential election, Gertrudis Guerrero Mayorga, wife of Sergio Ramirez.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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